Our garden rooms will enhance your home and revolutionise the way you live. You will be drawn to the wonderfully light and warm new space. A very well insulated solid roof, triple glazing and modern underfloor heating creates a wonderful space which can be utilised throughout all the seasons. We can also compliment the oak structure with brushed zinc facias, soffits and folded seam side wall panels to give a stunning contemporary look.


The orangery was once a symbol of status amongst the wealthy and came into fashion during the 17th century as an area to winter the delicate fruit trees. They would generally house a wood burning stove. A light and airy space to use all year round with either a solid roof or the addition of a roof lantern to allow more natural light.


A traditional conservatory can become too warm during the summer and very cold during the winter making them a space you can utilise very rarely. New glass technology and careful positioning can make a conservatory a new pleasurable room where you can become engrossed in you beautiful garden.


A entrance porch can be a welcome addition to your home, creating shelter over the entrance to your home, with the option of storage for coats, shoes and boots which can be built in by our team of crafted carpenters.


Many people do not want to relocate but often find themselves short of space. An extension to the home that you are happy in is often a resolve to this common problem. Should you require a home extension, oak is a beautiful component to enhance your home. Our architectural designer can work with your ideas to help establish a wonderful addition to your home.