A gentle stroll through your garden to your bespoke garden office would beat the commute to work any day. Garden offices are becoming a popular alternative to commuting as they offer the space required to work in with the detachment from the main house and any distractions of home.

A home studio is a luxury space to be creative. Whether its for your music, art, dance or yoga we can help to build you a room to suit your needs.

We can design a small or large space to suit your garden, your requirements and your budget.


A summer house is an ideal place to enjoy the summer months, and they also work very well as a storage area during the winter.


Need a changing room for your outdoor swimming pool? A custom built pool building with glazed patio doors, can give you direct access to the pool. No more running in and out the house, dripping wet! You can also use it to accommodate pool equipment and furniture.