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There are few more satisfying architectural partnerships than the blending of an old barn with a fine oak frame. Structurally, it does all that is asked of it and more. Aesthetically, the eye is constantly rewarded by the sturdiness of the wall posts and the graceful arch of roof timbers, each selected to follow the natural curve of the wood.

We’ll design your building to suit your tastes, whether you prefer the traditional or the contemporary. We can also take charge of every stage of the build, from foundations to roof if required, and our own team of decorators ensures a perfect finish.


To convert an existing barn and be able to retain its history, character and integrity, has always been a challenge for architects and builders.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of historical buildings and structures, has allowed us over the years to design and create numerous beautiful conversions, by manufacturing freestanding internal oak frames, which take the load of the roof and the first floors. They are usually fully exposed internally, creating a home filled with character strength and beauty.

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